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Careers Visit to Bridgnorth Aluminium

This month a small group of Y12s and Y10s visited Bridgnorth Aluminium.

Bridgnorth Aluminium are one of Bridgnorth’s largest employers, at their site on Stourbridge Road. We were able to see many of Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd's assets which include a casthouse, rolling mill, two Litho Centres, a multi-slitting line and finishing lines.

We were shown around by employees from a range of departments, some of whom were recruited as graduates and others as apprentices. As well as seeing the different stages of production we also visited the R&D centre and witnessed the labs that are involved in analysing the product in order to maintain the high level of quality required.

We were really made to feel welcome by staff and all students really enjoyed the day and the goody bags that we were given to take home. Thank you Bridgnorth Aluminium!

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