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Extended Project Qualification



Why study Extended Project?

This is highly rated by universities as it recognises a students ability to work independently on a topic of their choice.

The EPQ is a project based qualification which you can undertake on something you are passionate about or it can be linked to something you are studying. You will gain around half an A level, which also attracts UCAS points. The submission could be either a report, essay, creative artefact or an event or performance.

What skills are required?

Students who undertake the Extended Project will need to be able to identify, design, plan and complete an individual project.

You will need to be able to use a range of skills to solve problems, make decisions and be creative and flexible to achieve the planned outcomes. You will also need a good range of communications skills.

Course Content

Students are required to:
• Choose an area of interest
• Draft a title and the aims of the project for formal approval
• Plan, research and carry out the project
• Deliver a presentation
• Provide evidence of all stages of project development and production for assessment

The areas of the project are:
• Manage - Identify, design, plan and carry out a project, applying a range of skills, strategies and methods to achieve its objectives.

• Use Resources - Research, critically select, organise & use information and select and use a range of resources. Analyse data and apply relevantly and demonstrate understanding of any links, connections and complexities of the topic.

• Develop and Realise - Select and use a range of skills including, where appropriate, new technologies and problem-solving, to take decisions critically and achieve planned outcomes.

• Review - Evaluate all aspects of the extended project, including outcomes in relation to stated objectives and own learning and performance. Select and use a range of communication skills and media to present evidenced project outcomes and conclusions in an appropriate format.

How will it be assessed?

A01 - Manage - 20%

A02 - Use Resources - 20% 

A03 - Develop and Realise - 40% 

A04 - Review - 20%


The EPQ links well with all subjects and can be used as an additional qualification to access Russell Group universities in particular.





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