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Universities offer a multitude of higher education courses to work towards a degree qualification. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate education in a vast range of subjects, as well as foundation courses, and offer the option to study full-time or part-time. Choosing your degree subject can be difficult, so be sure to look at what each university has to offer, where your strengths lie, and what the entry requirements for each course are. It's worth going to open days, looking at prospectuses and looking at their websites to see what each establishment offers. 

Universities tend to offer a mixture of practical and theory based modules, sometimes with the options to choose which modules most interest you. Some universities will offer work experience or placements to facilitate your degrees, and some will offer the chance to study abroad for part of your course. This UCAS Guide has some really useful information if you're thinking about University. 

When studying at University, you can choose to live at home or away, apply for student finance to fund your degree and provide other financial support such as with rent or bills. The UCAS website has some useful tips to help you decide where to study.

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